Mark Jason Bradley has been in the news media and sports production business for over 23 years as a video editor for NBC 13,ABC 33/40,and CBS42…as well as a freelance sports photographer for ESPN and ABC Sports. He also has a career as a freelance professional voice actor, musician, and sound engineer. He took it upon himself to start this company after an inspirational conversation with his close friend and colleague Mark Prater to whom he gives complete credit for planting a creative seed in his head. Dedication to media arts has lead to a fusion of skill, years of experience and seeing a need that has been ignored in the housing/home sales market for some time now. Technology for today has made a range of media to be used by consumers to be more than just practical…it has given all of us the opportunity to promote ourselves,lifestyles,interests and now a way to take our home sales to the next level in promoting our property in a new and exciting way that allows any of us to share a video of our homes for sale anywhere on the internet