"Video is a wonderful tool for increasing your ability to sell your property."

We can help you gain greater exposure for selling your property


Our Business Office hours are:

Monday through Friday
9am to 5pm


We are simply a video production company.

We are affiliated with Angie’s List as a video production company. We specialize in video taping your home/property/business in HD Video for the expressed purpose of helping you sell your property by means of using our produced video tour as a marketing tool via YouTube and any other social media you are allowed to link your property’s video.

We do not guarantee that the video produced will determine the selling of your property or in the timeframe you wish to sell it in .

We are not realtors.

We simply produce a video tour of your property that you and/or your realtor can use as an effective way to try to sell your property.

We will do our best for you . We will have your tour video produced and online within 3 to 5 business days.

We give you the Youtube link to your showcase video tour.

We promise to keep it posted on Youtube until your property sells or until you decide to have us remove it.

We will only give out information about your property that you approve to be given on your showcase tour video including your realtor’s information And on how you and or your realtor can be contacted and in what manor you or your realtor can be contacted…

It’s really that simple…


Prices for Home Video Tours

We charge a one time production fee of $100 USD for any home that Your Showcase Video Tours does a video production.